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Power Your Pleasure: OEM Sex Machines and Wholesale Thrusting Dildos from ManyXToys

ManyXToys is a leading OEM sex machine and wholesale thrusting dildo manufacturer producing innovative toys to power the fantasies of pleasure seekers worldwide. We offer custom production of customer-designed fucking machines, lifelike thrusting dildos and other motorized toys, using precision robotics and high-powered components to create the most realistic sensual experiences on the market.

ManyXToys OEM sex machine services include

  1. •Custom design development: Provide sketches and performance specifications for your ideal pleasure device. Our engineers will handle the mechanical and software engineering to build a fully functional prototype for your approval.
  2. •Modification of existing systems: Choose from our wide range of fucking machines, dildo machines and lifelike thrusting dildos and request custom updates to speed, stroke length, interface or attachments to create new proprietary models.
  3. •Private labeling: Have your brand logo, specs and packaging added to any of our pre-made sex machines and dildos for an instant lineup of unique products under your label.

Why choose ManyXToys for your OEM sex machine and wholesale thrusting dildo needs?

  1. •6+ years of experience results in powerful, body-safe toys made of medical-grade materials. Stringent quality controls on all robotics production.
  2. •Competitive B2B pricing from an industry-leading sex machine factory. Get your own competitive quote for R&D and manufacturing motorized pleasure devices.
  3. •Global shipping expertise to handle logistics of transporting fucking machines and dildo machines worldwide. We navigate proper legal channels to ship OEM goods internationally at the best rates.
  4. •Dedicated engineering support from concept through final product. Our team provides seamless service and technical guidance at every stage of development.

ManyXToys’s state-of-the-art production facilities and global distribution competency allow you to confidently develop innovative pleasure products incorporating robotics and lifelike movement. Tap into the vast potential of the motorized sex toy market by creating your own signature devices or working with our popular OEM models.

The future of pleasure is here—reach out to ManyXToys today to get started. Our sex machine and thrusting dildo capabilities will revolutionize your brand and the industry.

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