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Buying a Florida Flag: A Floridian’s Guide


Hey there! Thinking about buying a Florida flag? Whether you’re a fellow Floridian like me or just love our sunny state, getting a Florida flag is a great way to show your pride. I’ll walk you through everything you need to know—from the flag’s history to where you can buy one and how to take care of it. Let’s jump in!

History of the Florida Flag

The Florida flag has a pretty cool backstory. The first official flag came about in 1868, featuring the state seal on a plain white background. But in 1900, voters decided to spice things up by adding a red diagonal cross, known as a saltire, to make it stand out more. That’s the design we have today!

Symbolism and Meaning

Every part of the Florida flag has meaning. The red saltire symbolizes the cross of St. Andrew and nods to our Spanish roots. The state seal in the center is packed with symbols: a Seminole woman scattering flowers, a steamboat in the distance, and a bright sun, representing our Native American heritage, industry, and beautiful climate. Plus, there’s a sabal palm, our state tree.

Different Types of Florida Flags

Depending on where you want to display your Florida flag, there are a few types to choose from:

Outdoor Flags

These are made to handle the weather, typically from polyester or nylon. Perfect for flagpoles in your yard or at your business.

Indoor Flags

These are usually made from softer materials and can come with fancy fringes. Great for home or office displays.

Handheld Flags

Small and portable, these are great for parades, rallies, or any event where you want to wave your Florida pride.

Materials Used in Florida Flags

The material of your flag affects its durability and look. Here are the common options:


Super durable and weather-resistant, ideal for outdoor use.


Lightweight and bright, it flies easily in the wind and is good for outdoors too.


Traditional and classy, usually better for indoor displays since it’s not as tough outdoors.

Sizes Available

Florida flags come in all sorts of sizes:

Standard Sizes

Common sizes like 3’x5′, 4’x6′, and 5’x8′ are great for most flagpoles.

Custom Sizes

Need something special? You can get custom sizes for events or large displays.

Where to Buy Florida Flags

Finding a Florida flag is pretty easy. Here are some good spots:

Online Stores

Websites like Amazon, eBay, and flag-specific retailers have tons of options.

Local Retailers

Places like Walmart, Home Depot, and local shops often have them in stock.

Specialty Stores

For something unique or custom, check out specialty flag stores.

Choosing the Right Florida Flag

When picking a flag, think about:


Is it for outside, inside, or a special event? This affects the material and size you need.


Consider where you’ll display it. Outdoor flags need to be tougher, while indoor ones can be more decorative.

Material Preferences

Decide if you want polyester for durability, nylon for bright colors, or cotton for a traditional look.

Care and Maintenance

To keep your Florida flag looking good, follow these tips:


Most outdoor flags can go in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Indoor flags usually just need spot cleaning.


Store your flag in a cool, dry place and avoid folding it too tightly to prevent creases.

Repair Tips

Small tears can be fixed with a needle and thread. For bigger damage, you might need a pro to help out.

Displaying the Florida Flag

Here’s how to properly display your flag:

Proper Etiquette

Always treat the flag with respect. Don’t let it touch the ground and fly it higher than other flags.

Indoor Display

Indoors, the flag should be on the right side of the speaker or stage, as seen by the audience.

Outdoor Display

Raise it briskly and lower it ceremoniously. Take it down in bad weather to keep it from getting damaged.

Cost Considerations

Flag prices can vary:

Price Ranges

Standard flags usually run from $10 to $50. Larger or custom flags will cost more.

Factors Affecting Cost

Material, size, and custom options all play a part in the price. Higher quality and bigger flags cost more.

Customization Options

Want a flag that’s uniquely yours? You can customize your Florida flag:

Personalized Designs

Add your name, logo, or a special message.

Special Occasions

Order flags for weddings, anniversaries, or other events to add a personal touch.

Legal Aspects

There are some rules about displaying the Florida flag:

Flag Regulations in Florida

The Florida Flag Act outlines how to properly display the flag. It shouldn’t be used for advertising or altered in any way.

Respecting the Flag

Always show respect. Don’t use it as clothing or for anything disrespectful.

Popular Uses for the Florida Flag

There are many ways to use the Florida flag:

Events and Celebrations

Show your state pride at parades, rallies, and public events.

Educational Purposes

Use it in classrooms to teach about Florida’s history and symbols.

Personal Decoration

Display it at home or in your garden to show your love for Florida.


Buying a Florida flag is a fantastic way to express your state pride. Whether you need an outdoor flag, an indoor display, or something custom for a special event, there are plenty of options. Think about the purpose, location, and material when choosing your flag, and always treat it with respect. Go ahead, get your Florida flag today and show off your love for our beautiful state!


What is the best material for a Florida flag? Nylon is generally the best because it’s durable and has bright colors, perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

How should I clean my Florida flag? Outdoor flags can usually be machine washed gently, while indoor flags should be spot cleaned.

Where can I buy an official Florida flag? You can buy them online at Amazon, in local stores like Walmart, or at specialty flag shops.

Can I customize my Florida flag? Yes, many places offer customization options like adding personal designs, logos, or messages.

What are the regulations for displaying the Florida flag? Follow the Florida Flag Act, which includes not using the flag for advertising and always displaying it with respect.

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