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Human Braiding Hair A Comprehensive Guide


Yo, let’s talk about human braiding hair, sis! It’s like the ultimate way to switch up your look, add some length, and just slay every day. Whether you’re all about protecting your hair, trying new colors and textures, or just wanna spice up your vibe, human braiding hair is where it’s at.

So, check it, this guide is gonna break down everything you gotta know about human braiding hair, from picking the right strands to keeping them looking fresh.

Choosing the Right Human Braiding Hair:

  1. Hair Type:

Virgin Hair: This is that raw, unprocessed goodness that gives you the most natural vibes. You can dye it, style it, but just know, it needs that extra TLC. Remy Hair: Girl, this hair is all about keeping it smooth and tangle-free. Cuticles are all lined up so you can avoid those nasty knots. Non-Remy Hair: It’s budget-friendly, but just watch out for some tangling action.

  1. Texture:

Straight: Perfect for any braid style you’re feelin’. Wavy/Curly: Adds that extra oomph and texture to your braids. Deep Wave/Loose Wave: Get ready for some major volume and bounce. Kinky/Coily: If you’re all about that natural look, this is your jam.

  1. Length:

You gotta pick a length that’s gonna vibe with your style, you know? 4. Color:

There’s a whole rainbow of colors out there, from keeping it natural to going bold and fierce. 5. Brand:

Do your research, girl. Find those brands that are all about quality and doin’ right by their sources. 6. Price:

Set your budget and find the best bang for your buck, simple as that.

Caring for Human Braiding Hair: Keep it clean and conditioned with sulfate-free products. Gently detangle with a wide-tooth comb to avoid any breakage. Let it air-dry or use low heat when blow-drying. Say no to excessive heat styling, it’s a no-no. Keep that moisture locked in with some oil or leave-in conditioner. Store it right in a cool, dry spot when you’re not rockin’ it.

Popular Braiding Styles with Human Hair: Box Braids: Classic and oh-so versatile, you can do anything with these. Cornrows: Gettin’ all intricate and stylish with those designs. Senegalese Twists: Volume? Texture? This style’s got it all. Faux Locs: All the look without the commitment, you feel? Crochet Braids: Quick and easy, just how we like it.

Additional Tips: Hit up a pro for some advice on what’s gonna work best for you. Watch that weight, girl. Don’t wanna be pullin’ too hard on your natural locks. Take breaks, let that scalp breathe, and just enjoy switching it up!

So go ahead, sis, have fun with it! Try out different styles, different colors, and just slay every day with that human braiding hair. You got this!

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