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Power up Your Pleasure with Vibrating Tongues from ManyXToys

ManyXToys is a premier wholesaler of premium sex toys including a wide selection of vibrating tongues. We produce high-quality pleasure products from medical-grade materials at competitive factory-direct pricing for retailers worldwide.

What does a vibrating tongue do?


  1. •Simulates oral sex. The vibrating tongue mimics the licking, flicking and sucking sensations of a real tongue to stimulate oral pleasure spots with targeted vibrations.
  2.  •Hands-free clitoral stimulation. The vibrating silicone tongue provides direct contact and stimulation to the clitoris, allowing you to relax and enjoy the sensations.
  3. •Creates new arousal routines. Vibrating tongues add excitement and novelty for those looking to change up their typical masturbation or foreplay activities.
  4. • Can be used alone or with a partner. Vibrating tongues are designed for solo pleasure but can easily be incorporated into couple’s intimacy as part of foreplay or role play.


Why do people buy vibrating tongues?


  1. •To enhance sexual pleasure. For many, oral sex is the most pleasurable or only way to reach orgasm, making vibrating tongues a popular choice for added sensations and intimacy.
  2. •To address lack of oral sex. Those not regularly engaging in or receiving oral sex from their partners may use vibrating tongues to meet this need for physical pleasure and release in between encounters.
  3. •Discreet and travel-friendly. The tongue shape is less conspicuous than standard vibrators, making vibrating tongues easy to pack and take on work trips or vacations.
  4. • They make exciting gifts. Vibrating tongues are a sensual gift choice for anniversaries, birthdays or holidays, especially for people with an adventurous side.  Vibrating tongues bring power to your pleasure and profits.

ManyXToys is the premier source for high-quality, affordable vibrating tongues to electrify your business and customers. Significant cost savings plus dedicated service will energize your margins from the inside out. Give your customers the power to enhance their experiences. Contact ManyXToys today to supercharge your inventory and bottom line. Vibrating tongues from the industry’s leading wholesale supplier get performances up and prices down. The power is now in your hands—reach out and grab hold of it!

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